Best LED Headlamps of 2020

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Best LED Headlamps of 2020

Looking for a LED headlamp to help light the way on your next outdoor adventure? Check out our top picks for the best LED headlamps of 2020. From budget-friendly options to feature-packed models, we've got you covered.

Best LED Headlamps of 2020

LED headlamps have come a long way in recent years, and the best LED headlamps of 2020 are noticeably better than those from just a few years ago. In addition, LEDs offer several advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs, including being more energy-efficient and having a longer lifespan.
When shopping for an LED headlamp, look for one that is bright enough for your needs, has a wide beam angle, is comfortable to wear, and is durable. You'll also want to consider how easy it is to use the headlamp, as some models can be challenging to operate.
The following are our picks for the best LED headlamps of 2020. We've included both general-purpose and specialized models so that you can find the perfect headlamp for your needs.

Our Top Picks for the Best LED Headlamps

We’ve all been there before – stuck in the dark with no light source and only our headlamps to guide the way. But not all headlamps are created equal. Some are better than others, and some are even subpar. So to help you find the best LED headlamp for your needs, we’ve put together a list of our top picks.
When it comes to finding the best LED headlamp, you need to consider several factors. Battery life is one of the most critical aspects, as you don’t want to be left in the dark without a working light. Another crucial factor is brightness; you want a headlamp that will provide enough light to see without being so bright that it hurts your eyes or causes glare. And finally, you need to think about size and weight; a bulky and heavy headlamp can be pretty uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.
With all that in mind, let’s look at our top picks for the best LED headlamps on the market today.
If battery life is your main concern, then the Black Diamond Spot 325 Headlamp is worth considering. This model can run for up to 150 hours on its lowest setting, making it ideal for long hikes or camping trips where you might not have access to a power source. Additionally, it features three different locations – low (25 lumens), medium (60 lumens), and high (325 lumens) – so you can adjust the brightness level depending on your needs at any given moment. And finally, at just 3 ounces (85 grams), it’s one of the lighter options out there, which is always nice when you’re wearing it for extended periods.
If you need a bright headlamp but don’t want something that weighs a lot or takes up too much space, check out the Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp. This little powerhouse pumps out an impressive 275 lumens of light while weighing just 2 ounces (57 grams). It also has five different lighting modes (including two red-light-only options), so you can tailor its output to your needs anytime. Plus, with its rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice midway through your adventure.

What to Look for in an LED Headlamp

LED headlamps offer different settings, such as low, medium, and high beams. Some even have a strobe feature. So it’s essential to find one with the right combination of brightness and beam pattern for your needs.
The brightness of an LED is measured in lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. However, more lumens don’t always mean better light. Therefore, it would be best to consider how far the light will reach and how wide the beam is.
A headlamp with a narrow beam can be very bright, but it won’t illuminate a large area. This can be useful if you need to see clearly in front of you but not necessarily to the sides or behind you. A wider beam will provide more peripheral vision but won’t be as bright at long distances.
Some headlamps have multiple LEDs that can produce different types of light (white, red, or green). This can be helpful if you need additional lighting for other tasks. For example, white light is best for general use, red light preserves night vision, and green light is less likely to attract bugs.
Check reviews before purchasing an LED headlamp to get an idea of what others think about its performance in brightness, battery life, comfort, etc.